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Question.png Wa
Question.png Waama
Question.png Waamwang
Question.png Waata
Question.png Wab
Question.png Wabo
Question.png Waboda
Question.png Waci Gbe
Question.png Wadaginam
Question.png Waddar
Question.png Wadiyara Koli
Question.png Wadjiginy
Question.png Wadjigu
Question.png Wae Rana
Question.png Wa'ema
Question.png Waffa
Question.png Wagawaga
Question.png Wagaya
Question.png Wagdi
Question.png Wageman
Question.png Wagi
Question.png Wahau Kayan
Question.png Wahau Kenyah
Question.png Wahgi
Question.png Wahgi, North
Question.png Waigali
Question.png Waigeo
Question.png Wailaki
Question.png Wailapa
Question.png Waima
Question.png Waima'a
Question.png Waimaha
Question.png Waimiri-Atroari
Question.png Waioli
Question.png Waiwai
Question.png Waja
Question.png Wajarri
Question.png Waka
Question.png Wakawaka
Question.png Wakde
Question.png Wakhi
Question.png Wakoná
Question.png Wala
Question.png Walak
Question.png Wali (Ghana)
Question.png Wali (Sudan)
Question.png Waling
Question.png Walio
Question.png Walla Walla
Question.png Wallisian
Yes.png Walloon
Question.png Walmajarri
Question.png Walo Kumbe Dogon
Question.png Walser
Question.png Walungge
Question.png Wamas
Question.png Wambaya
Question.png Wambon
Question.png Wambule
Question.png Wamey
Question.png Wamin
Question.png Wampanoag
Question.png Wampar
Question.png Wampur
Question.png Wan
Question.png Wanambre
Question.png Wanap
Question.png Wanbasana
Question.png Wancho Naga
Question.png Wanda
Question.png Wandala
Question.png Wandamen
Question.png Wandarang
Question.png Wandji
Question.png Wané
Question.png Waneci
Question.png Wanga
Question.png Wangaaybuwan-Ngiyambaa
Question.png Wanggamala
Question.png Wangganguru
Question.png Wanggom
Question.png Wanman
Question.png Wannu
Question.png Wano
Question.png Wantoat
Question.png Wanukaka
Question.png Waorani
Question.png Wapan
Question.png Wãpha
Question.png Wapishana
Question.png Wappo
Question.png Wara
Question.png Wára
Question.png Warao
Question.png Warapu
Question.png Waray (Australia)
Question.png Waray (Philippines)
Question.png Wardaman
Question.png Warduji
Question.png Warembori
Question.png Wares
Yes.png Wari'
Question.png Waris
Question.png Waritai
Question.png Wariyangga
Question.png War-Jaintia
Question.png Warji
Question.png Warkay-Bipim
Question.png Warlmanpa
Yes.png Warlpiri
Question.png Warluwara
Question.png Warnang
Question.png Waropen
Question.png Warrgamay
Question.png Warrwa
Question.png Waru
Question.png Warumungu
Question.png Waruna
Question.png Warungu
Question.png Wasa
Question.png Wasco-Wishram
Question.png Wasembo
Question.png Washo
Question.png Waskia
Question.png Wasu
Question.png Watakataui
Question.png Watam
Question.png Watiwa
Question.png Watubela
Question.png Watut, Middle
Question.png Watut, North
Question.png Watut, South
Question.png Waube
Question.png Waurá
Question.png Wauyai
Question.png Wawa
Question.png Wawonii
Question.png Waxianghua
Question.png Wayampi
Question.png Wayana
Question.png Wayanad Chetti
Question.png Wayoró
Question.png Wayu
Question.png Wayuu
Question.png Wè Northern
Question.png Wè Southern
Question.png Wè Western
Question.png Wedau
Question.png Weh
Question.png Wejewa
Question.png Welaung
Question.png Weliki
Yes.png Welsh
Question.png Welsh Romani
Question.png Welsh, Middle
Question.png Welsh, Old
Question.png Wemale, North
Question.png Wemale, South
Question.png Weme Gbe
Question.png Weri
Question.png Wersing
Question.png West Albay Bikol
Question.png West Ambae
Question.png West Berawan
Question.png West Central Banda
Question.png West Central Oromo
Question.png West Coast Bajau
Question.png West Damar
Question.png West Goodenough
Question.png West Kewa
Question.png West Lembata
Question.png West Makian
Question.png West Masela
Question.png West Tarangan
Question.png West Uvean
Question.png West Yugur
Question.png West-Central Limba
Question.png Western Abnaki
Question.png Western Apache
Question.png Western Arrarnta
Question.png Western Balochi
Question.png Western Bolivian Guaraní
Question.png Western Bru
Question.png Western Bukidnon Manobo
Question.png Western Canadian Inuktitut
Question.png Western Cham
Question.png Western Dani
Question.png Western Fijian
Yes.png Western Frisian
also called simply "Frisian".
Question.png Western Gurung
Question.png Western Highland Chatino
Question.png Western Highland Purepecha
Question.png Western Huasteca Nahuatl
Question.png Western Juxtlahuaca Mixtec
Question.png Western Kanjobal
Question.png Western Karaboro
Question.png Western Katu
Question.png Western Kayah
Question.png Western Keres
Question.png Western Krahn
Question.png Western Lalu
Question.png Western Lawa
Question.png Western Magar
Question.png Western Maninkakan
Yes.png Western Mari
Question.png Western Mashan Hmong
Question.png Western Mashan Miao
Question.png Western Meohang
Question.png Western Muria
Question.png Western Neo-Aramaic
Question.png Western Niger Fulfulde
Question.png Western Ojibwa
Question.png Western Panjabi
Question.png Western Parbate Kham
Question.png Western Penan
Question.png Western Sisaala
Question.png Western Subanon
Question.png Western Tamang
Question.png Western Tawbuid
Question.png Western Totonac
Question.png Western Tunebo
Question.png Western Xiangxi Miao
Question.png Western Xwla Gbe
Question.png Western Yiddish
Question.png Westphalien
Question.png Wetamut
Question.png Wewaw
Question.png Weyto
Question.png White Gelao
Question.png White Lachi
Question.png Whitesands
Question.png Wiarumus
Question.png Wichí Lhamtés Güisnay
Question.png Wichí Lhamtés Nocten
Question.png Wichí Lhamtés Vejoz
Question.png Wichita
Question.png Wikalkan
Question.png Wik-Epa
Question.png Wik-Iiyanh
Question.png Wik-Keyangan
Question.png Wik-Me'anha
Question.png Wik-Mungkan
Question.png Wik-Ngathana
Question.png Wikngenchera
Question.png Wilawila
Question.png Wintu
Question.png Winyé
Question.png Wipi
Yes.png Wiradhuri
Question.png Wiraféd
Question.png Wirangu
Question.png Wiru
Question.png Wiyot
Question.png Woccon
Question.png Wogamusin
Question.png Wogeo
Question.png Woi
Question.png Wojenaka
Question.png Wolaitta
Question.png Wolane
Question.png Wolani
Question.png Wolaytta
Question.png Woleaian
Question.png Wolio
Yes.png Wolof
Question.png Wolof, Gambian
Question.png Wom (Nigeria)
Question.png Wom (Papua New Guinea)
Question.png Womo
Question.png Wongo
Question.png Woods Cree
Question.png Woria
Question.png Worimi
Question.png Worodougou
Question.png Worora
Question.png Wotapuri-Katarqalai
Question.png Wotu
Question.png Woun Meu
Question.png Written Oirat
Question.png Wu Chinese
Question.png Wuding-Luquan Yi
Question.png Wudu
Question.png Wuliwuli
Question.png Wulna
Question.png Wumboko
Question.png Wumbvu
Question.png Wumeng Nasu
Question.png Wunai Bunu
Question.png Wunambal
Question.png Wurrugu
Question.png Wusa Nasu
Question.png Wushi
Question.png Wusi
Question.png Wutung
Question.png Wutunhua
Question.png Wuvulu-Aua
Question.png Wuzlam
Question.png Wyandot
Yes.png Wymysorys