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Question.png Xaasongaxango
Question.png Xadani Zapotec
Question.png Xakriabá
Question.png Xamtanga
Question.png Xanaguía Zapotec
Yes.png Xârâcùù
Yes.png Xaragure
Question.png Xavánte
Question.png Xerénte
Question.png Xetá
Question.png Xhosa
Question.png Xiandao
Question.png Xiang Chinese
Question.png Xibe
Question.png Xicotepec De Juárez Totonac
Question.png Xinca
Question.png Xingú Asuriní
Question.png Xipaya
Question.png Xipináwa
Question.png Xiri
Question.png Xiriâna
Question.png Xishanba Lalo
Question.png Xokleng
Yes.png ǃXóõ
Question.png Xukurú
Question.png Xwela Gbe