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Question.png Yaaku
Question.png Yabaâna
Question.png Yabarana
Question.png Yabem
Question.png Yaben
Question.png Yabong
Question.png Yace
Question.png Yaeyama
Question.png Yafi
Question.png Yagaria
Question.png Yagnobi
Question.png Yagomi
Question.png Yagua
Question.png Yagwoia
Question.png Yahadian
Question.png Yahang
Question.png Yahuna
Question.png Yaka (Central African Republic)
Question.png Yaka (Congo)
Question.png Yaka (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png Yakaikeke
Question.png Yakama
Question.png Yakan
Question.png Yakha
Question.png Yakoma
Yes.png Yakut
= Sakha
Question.png Yala
Question.png Yalahatan
Question.png Yalakalore
Question.png Yalálag Zapotec
Question.png Yalarnnga
Question.png Yale
Question.png Yale, Kosarek
Question.png Yaleba
Question.png Yali, Angguruk
Question.png Yali, Ninia
Question.png Yali, Pass Valley
Question.png Yalunka
Question.png Yámana
Question.png Yamap
Question.png Yamba
Question.png Yambes
Question.png Yambeta
Question.png Yamdena
Question.png Yameo
Question.png Yami
Question.png Yaminahua
Question.png Yamna
Question.png Yamongeri
Question.png Yamphe
Question.png Yamphu
Question.png Yana
Question.png Yanahuanca Pasco Quechua
Question.png Yanda Dom Dogon
Question.png Yandruwandha
Question.png Yanesha'
Question.png Yang Zhuang
Question.png Yangben
Question.png Yangbye
Question.png Yangho
Question.png Yangkam
Question.png Yangman
Question.png Yango
Question.png Yangulam
Question.png Yangum Dey
Question.png Yangum Gel
Question.png Yangum Mon
Question.png Yankunytjatjara
Question.png Yan-nhangu
Question.png Yanomámi
Question.png Yanomamö
Question.png Yansi
Question.png Yanyuwa
Question.png Yao
Question.png Yaosakor Asmat
Question.png Yaouré
Question.png Yapese
Question.png Yapunda
Question.png Yaqay
Question.png Yaqui
Yes.png Yaralde Tingar 
= Ngarrindjeri
Yes.png Yaraldi 
= Ngarrindjeri
Question.png Yarawata
Question.png Yareba
Question.png Yareni Zapotec
Question.png Yarí
Question.png Yarsun
Question.png Yasa
Question.png Yassic
Question.png Yatee Zapotec
Question.png Yatzachi Zapotec
Question.png Yau (Morobe Province)
Question.png Yau (Sandaun Province)
Question.png Yaul
Question.png Yauma
Question.png Yaur
Question.png Yautepec Zapotec
Question.png Yauyos Quechua
Question.png Yavitero
Question.png Yawa
Question.png Yawalapití
Question.png Yawanawa
Question.png Yawarawarga
Question.png Yaweyuha
Question.png Yawiyo
Question.png Yawuru
Question.png Yazgulyam
Question.png Yecuatla Totonac
Question.png Yei
Question.png Yekhee
Question.png Yekora
Question.png Yela
Question.png Yele
Question.png Yelmek
Question.png Yelogu
Question.png Yemba
Question.png Yemsa
Question.png Yendang
Question.png Yeni
Question.png Yeniche
Question.png Yerakai
Question.png Yeretuar
Question.png Yerong
Question.png Yerukula
Question.png Yeskwa
Question.png Yessan-Mayo
Question.png Yetfa
Question.png Yevanic
Question.png Yeyi
Question.png Yi, Axi
Question.png Yi, Naluo
Question.png Yi, Sichuan
Question.png Yi, Wuding-Luquan
Non.png Yiddish
Macro-language divided into Eastern Yiddish and Western Yiddish. But the term "Yiddish" alone is often used for "Eastern Yiddish".
Question.png Yiddish Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported.
Yes.png Yiddish, Eastern
= Eastern Yiddish.
Yes.png Yiddish, Western
= Western Yiddish.
Question.png Yidgha
Question.png Yidiny
Question.png Yil
Question.png Yimas
Question.png Yimchungru Naga
Question.png Yinbaw Karen
Question.png Yinchia
Question.png Yindjibarndi
Question.png Yindjilandji
Question.png Yine
Question.png Yinggarda
Question.png Yintale Karen
Question.png Yir Yoront
Question.png Yis
Question.png Yiwom
Question.png Yoba
Question.png Yocoboué Dida
Question.png Yogad
Question.png Yoidik
Question.png Yoke
Question.png Yokuts
Question.png Yola
Question.png Yoloxochitl Mixtec
Question.png Yom
Question.png Yombe
Question.png Yonaguni
Question.png Yong
Question.png Yongbei Zhuang
Question.png Yongkom
Question.png Yongnan Zhuang
Question.png Yopno
Question.png Yora
Question.png Yoron
Question.png Yoruba
Question.png Yos
Question.png Yosondúa Mixtec
Question.png Youjiang Zhuang
Question.png Youle Jinuo
Question.png Younuo Bunu
Question.png Yout Wam
Question.png Yoy
Question.png Yuaga
Yes.png Yucatec Maya
Question.png Yucatec Maya Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported.
Question.png Yucateco
Question.png Yuchi
Question.png Yucuañe Mixtec
Question.png Yucuna
Question.png Yue Chinese
Question.png Yug
Question.png Yugambal
Question.png Yugh
Question.png Yugoslavian Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported.
Question.png Yugur, East
Question.png Yugur, West
Question.png Yuhup
Question.png Yukaghir, Northern
Question.png Yukaghir, Southern
Question.png Yuki
Question.png Yukpa
Question.png Yukuben
Question.png Yulu
Question.png Yupik, Central
Question.png Yupik, Central Siberian
Question.png Yupik, Naukan
Question.png Yupik, Pacific Gulf
Question.png Yupik, Sirenik
Question.png Yuqui
Question.png Yuracare
Question.png Yurok
Question.png Yurutí
Question.png Yutanduchi Mixtec
Question.png Yuwana