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The Language table is a table in the database that contains the languages that Expressions can be added in.


Without a record in this table, it is not possible to add words for that language or dialect.


Adding a Language is different from adding Babel templates or Portals.


Languages can only be added by bureaucrats.


OmegaWiki will in principle follow the ISO-639-3 standard.

オメガウィキは原則として ISO-639-3 の基準に従います。

This is in contrast with the project codes used by MediaWiki.


With the 7602 entries that are mentioned in this standard, we will not have the granularity that is needed to deal with specifics like American and British English (and the others too).


We also make use of the qaa through qtz codes that are reserved for local use that is possible within the standard for specific information.

qtz コードqaaも利用して・・・

This helps us deal with expressions that have a "grammar" but are not necessarily a language used for general communication.


For chemical codes like H2O we will use the mul or zxx code; this is a code for stuff that is not language specific.

H2Oのような化学記号には、mulzxxコードを用います。このコードは、言語に左右されないことがら (stuff) のためのコードです。