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Help:Language of the interface

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Changing the language of the interface[edit]

Instead of English, you can set the language of the interface to whatever is your native language, as long as it is supported by MediaWiki. This includes more than 300 languages.

To do so, you can click on the combobox on the left column:


If you have an account, you can also change the language in your preferences. This will have the same effect as the combobox.

Improving or correcting the interface translation[edit]

The MediaWiki translations[edit]

If the problem is in the left column, the top, the tab names (read, edit, ...), etc. this has to do with MediaWiki. This can be corrected at

The OmegaWiki translations[edit]

If the problem is in the names of the languages, or if the definitions / link to Wikipedia do not appear in your language but stay in English, then it has to do with OmegaWiki.

Simply add a translation of the language names or whatever in OmegaWiki, and it should be reflected in the interface (for language names, it also needs that a bureaucrat click a button). If the problem persists, post on message on the Parlour.