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About orthography[edit]

There is a big controversy about the spelling to use for Walloon language. Basically, there are two opposed views:

  1. the dialectologists, that claim the spelling has to reflect the dialectal variations and spoken accents
  2. the "modernists" or "utilitarists" that claim there should be a unique spelling across the language, as it is the case with other languages

The first group uses the so called "Feller" spelling (from the name of its inventor, ca. 1900); however, even for a given particular accent, there may be spelling differences, due to personal taste or litterary club affiliations.

The second group is represented by the followers of the so called "rifondou walon", a diasystemic spelling for a common orthography for the whole Walloon language (actually there had been other proposals for unification, like use of a particular variant of Feller spelling, or creating a special Feller variant by choosing the most common forms for each word; but those propositions never had followers).

For the goal of a comprehensive dictionnary the "rfondou" spelling is probably the best choice (and that is what is used in projects like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, DTW, etc), and so main entries, and definitions, should be in that spelling. However, if the database supports it, it would be usefull (to keep track of pronounciation, but also to be usefll to people of the 1st group) to link each main entry with ist spelling variants in the various Feller spellings.

Online resources for Walloon[edit]

Monolingual dictionaries[edit]

  • L' Esplicant motî do walon (first online dictionary in Walloon; it currently is no longer developped, as format wasn't extendable (plain html pages instead of a database); in rfondou spelling
  • Walloon version of Wiktionary; main entries are in rfondou spelling, but redirection entries exist in Feller spelling too

Walfra (Walloon to French translation dictionnaries)[edit]

  • Diccionaire di Tot l' Walon (DTW) an online databse that aims to include all entries from all walfra dictionnaries published in the past. It aims to be in rfondou spelling, but as it is a big on-going work, it still has a lot of not yet harmonized material. Also, each entry has a list of Feller orthographies attached, with information about the actual dictionnaries where the word shows in.

Grammar information[edit]

  • Li croejhete walone (a big comprehensive grammar about Walloon language, the first to study it as a whole, and not a particular dialect; developped in French language)
  • Li ptite croejhete (a smaller and simplified version of the above, developped in Walloon language itself (with only a small preface in French))
  • Categoreye:Croejhete walone (category of Walloon grammar articles from Walloon Wikipedia)

Verb conjugaison[edit]

Printed material[edit]