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Help:List of annotations

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General annotations[edit]

The following annotations are available for all DMs and expressions. In addition to that, there are also language specific classes specific annotations (see below).

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Annotations at a DefinedMeaning level[edit]

These annotations are semantic annotations. They depend on the meaning of the word, not on the language. For example, an image representing a word can also be used for all translations.

Annotations at a Syntrans level[edit]

These annotations are lexical annotations. They are about the word itself and the language, rather than about the meaning of the word.

Language specific annotations[edit]

All language specific annotations are at SynTrans level.


  • Area - indicates where a particular word is used. e.g. Australia, New-Zealand, United Kingdom, United States.


  • IAST (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration)


  • revised Hepburn romanization
  • Hiragana (indicates the reading of a kanji with Hiragana characters)
  • Katakana (indicates the reading of a kanji with Katakana characters)


  • pinyin

Class specific annotations[edit]


  • country: the country where the city is located.
    e.g. "France" for the city "Paris"
  • county: the state/county/province where the city is located
  • demonym: what the people living in the city are called
  • former name: the former name(s) of the city
    e.g. "Leningrad" and "Petrograd" for the city "Saint Petersburg"
  • Geonames ID ????
  • is situated at the: the name of the river(s) that flow through the city, if any
    e.g. "Seine" for the city "Paris"
  • latitude
  • longitude