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Help:Meaning Relations table

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Help:Index Database layout Meaning Relations table

The Meaning Relations table defines relations between two entities (often two DM, e.g. for antonyms, hyperonyms and the likes, but could also be a DM related to a Syntrans, or to an expression). The possible relations are defined in the Class Attributes table.

| Field                 | Type    | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| relation_id           | int(11) | NO   |     | NULL    |       | 
| meaning1_mid          | int(10) | NO   |     | 0       |       | 
| meaning2_mid          | int(10) | NO   |     | 0       |       | 
| relationtype_mid      | int(10) | YES  |     | NULL    |       | 
| add_transaction_id    | int(11) | NO   | MUL | NULL    |       | 
| remove_transaction_id | int(11) | YES  | MUL | NULL    |       | 


An id that identifies the current table entry.
a link to an object_id in the Objects table, the subject of the relation. It is usually a defined_meaning_id, but this should be checked in the Objects table. It could also be e.g. a syntrans_sid.
a link to an object_id in the Objects table, the object of the relation (at the moment, only defined_meaning_id objects are implemented).
a link to a attribute_mid in the Class Attributes table and to an defined_meaning_id in the Defined Meaning table, which identifies the current relation (e.g. hyperonym).
Indicates when and by who the syntrans was added. See Transactions table.
Indicates when and by who the syntrans was removed. NULL if the syntrans is still valid.


If relationtype_mid is a hyperonym relation, then meaning1_mid has for hyperonym meaning2_mid.