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This page lists features to be implemented in the future.


Create a working API to allow people to access our data more easily, and to allow adding data with bots.
Dictionary download
Currently, one can download the SQL database containing the entire data. A "dictionary download" page would propose to create monolingual or bilingual dictionary, for download, in formats that are easier to process, such as CSV or XML.
Sorting of definitions
In an Expression page, sort the definition by part-of-speech. Maybe also by etymology groups, and maybe let the user configure how to sort it.

Middle to Long-term[edit]

Annotation reciprocity
Change the annotation system to take into account reciprocity. For example, if "A is hypernym of B", automatically display "B is hyponym of A".
Automatic generation of the list of inflections of a word, for example its plural, comparatives, superlatives, declensions and conjugations, is one of the most requested features, and has still not been implemented because of the lack of manpower for programming. (implementation details)
Rollback functionality
With a rollback functionality, we could allow anyone to modify existing data, since spam could be easily reverted. Rollback functionality should not be too hard to implement, since the internal structure of the OmegaWiki database was designed to support it. (implementation details)
Preferred translation
From a list of several translations in a language, we should be able to indicate what is the preferred (or most common or neutral) translation. (implementation details)
Add sound annotations
You click on it, you hear the sound.
Enable sign languages