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MediaWiki search tools

You can search OmegaWiki using the search box on the left.

The Go button will take you to an article with the exact title entered in the search box. This can be articles from the main or the Expression namespace.
The Search button generates a list of articles containing the words entered. This does not work for the Expression or DefinedMeaning namespaces. See below for alternatives.

Quick index

You can also find words by following the 'quick index' on the Main Page or more specific at Template:Mainpage/SelectedEntries.

External search engines

Another option is using external search engines:

Data search

Special:Datasearch will look for all words that include a search text, showing a maximum of 100 matches. It is possible to select a Language and/or a Collection

Expressions Needing Translation

With Special:NeedsTranslation you can find words that are not yet translated from a source into a destination language. There is a possibility to select on Collections. The list shows only a maximum of 100 matches.

Related words

Search related words and its relations.

Synonyms or translations

Search for synonyms or translations. A DefinedMeaning might already exist with translations in other languages, or holding synonyms.