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Help:Semi-automatic import Wiktionary

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What is that?[edit]

This is a java script to semi-automatically import translations from Wiktionary. It is only available to sysops.

This script was made by User:Kipcool (me).

What Wiktionary[edit]

It works with

  • The English Wiktionary (
  • The French Wiktionary (
  • any other Wiktionary that uses the template {{t|de|Wort}} or {{trad|de|Wort}} or similar.

How to use: part 1[edit]

See the first screenshot:

  1. Edit a DefinedMeaning (not an Expression)
  2. Open the dropdown menu (1) and click the "importWikt" link (2) in that menu. It will open a window (3).
  3. Go to a Wiktionary, find the translation section. Edit Wiktionary in wikitext mode, and copy the part relating to the translations, ONLY the translations of the particular DefinedMeaning that you are currently editing.
  4. In Omegawiki, paste the wikitext in the text area (4)
  5. Then click "Start importing" (5).

Note: you can move the window (drag and drop) if it is in a wrong place.

first screenshot

How to use: part 2[edit]

You should then see something like the second screenshot:

  1. Have a look and quickly check what was imported. A common problem is the apparition of "[[" or "]]" signs that should be removed. Note that if a translation was already there, it simply ignores it (so don't worry about duplicates, there won't be any).
  2. Have a look also at the section that shows what was not imported (see below for more details).
  3. Then click on save at the bottom of the page (put a summary if you like).


Why was a translation not imported[edit]

There are various reasons :)

  • If there are already translations in a particular language at Omegawiki, other translations for that language will not be imported. This is because we give more trust to our data than to foreign data.
    • Please check manually, if the translation seems correct, you can copy/paste it. It is possible to add more translations below the ones that have been automatically imported.
  • If the language code is unknown to the script, then it cannot import. It can be:
    • either the language is ok, but it was just not added to the script;
    • or the language is a meta-language (for example we consider Serbo-Croatian as a meta language)
    • or the language has several writing systems that the script cannot distinguish (for example, Chinese can be either traditional or simplified; Serbian can be either Cyrillic or Latin) - in that case it is often possible to add manually.

Unknown lang code[edit]

az - Azerbaijani
Macro-language. There is North Azerbaijani and South Azerbaijani.
cmn - Mandarin
OW makes the distinction between simplified Mandarin and traditional Mandarin. However, the script cannot distinguish which characters are used.
ku - Kurdish
Macrolanguage. It is either Kermanshani (Southern Kurdish), Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish) or Sorani (Central Kurdish)
nah - Nahuatl
Macrolanguage. There are many different Nahuatl. OW has a few of them.
qu - Quechua
sh - Serbo-Croatian
Macrolanguage. OW has Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin.
yue - Cantonese
OW makes the distinction between simplified and traditional writings. However, the script cannot distinguish which characters are used.