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Help:Translated Content table

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Help:Index Database layout Translated Content table

The Translated Content table is typically used to store definitions or other texts that are translated in several languages.

| Field                 | Type    | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| translated_content_id | int(11) | NO   |     | 0       |       | 
| language_id           | int(10) | NO   |     | 0       |       | 
| text_id               | int(10) | NO   |     | 0       |       | 
| add_transaction_id    | int(11) | NO   | MUL | NULL    |       | 
| remove_transaction_id | int(11) | YES  | MUL | NULL    |       | 


An id. It is not unique: all translations of the same definition share the same translated_content_id, but a different value of language_id and text_id. translated_content_id is referred to for example from the Defined Meaning table (meaning_text_tcid).
The language of the text. See Help:Language table.
Links to a text in the Text table.
When and by who the translation was added. See Help:Transactions table.
When and by who the translation was removed. See Help:Transactions table. NULL if it is still valid.

Sample MySQL queries[edit]

Retrieving all the definitions of a Defined Meaning[edit]

Let's consider the example where you want to retrieve all the definitions of DefinedMeaning:dictionary_(915)

select uw_text.text_text, language_id
from uw_text, uw_translated_content, uw_defined_meaning
where uw_defined_meaning.defined_meaning_id = 915
and uw_defined_meaning.meaning_text_tcid = uw_translated_content.translated_content_id
and uw_translated_content.remove_transaction_id is NULL
and uw_text.text_id = uw_translated_content.text_id ;

Retrieving all the definitions and words of a language[edit]

For example for Turkish ( language_id = 137 )

select uw_expression.spelling, uw_text.text_text,uw_syntrans.defined_meaning_id
from uw_text, uw_translated_content, uw_defined_meaning, uw_syntrans, uw_expression
where uw_translated_content.language_id = 137
and uw_expression.language_id = 137
and uw_defined_meaning.meaning_text_tcid = uw_translated_content.translated_content_id
and uw_text.text_id = uw_translated_content.text_id
and uw_defined_meaning.defined_meaning_id = uw_syntrans.defined_meaning_id
and uw_expression.expression_id = uw_syntrans.expression_id
and uw_translated_content.remove_transaction_id is NULL
and uw_syntrans.remove_transaction_id is NULL ;