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Ultimate Wiktionary is the project name for the development of Help:OmegaWiki. Its original aim was to include all the information that could be found in the Wiktionaries. The project is based on two pillars; the WikiData extension allows for including relational data in a wiki and, a functional design that allows for the data that could be found in the Wiktionaries.

With relational data there are inherent restrictions to what people can enter in what place. The data has its organisation by design while in a more traditional wiki approach, organisation is provided on the page by using style elements like headers, wikilinks, templates and categories. The way data may be entered in OmegaWiki is however as free as possible; all valid information can be added to the database; when someone has 20.000 words in a language and the only thing known is, that the spelling is correct, it can be included. When someone only cares to enter one Help:Expression with a Help:Definition than it will be really welcome. When a list of translations is added, it will be gratefully accepted even though a Definition is needed to make it a true Help:DefinedMeaning.

There will be many levels where talk pages will be implemented; when two DefinedMeanings are related and the Relation is problematic it makes only sense to discuss the relation itself.

All this indicates that OmegaWiki includes the important aspects of a wiki. Yes, its structure is fixed, but everyone will be able to collaborate according to what interests him. Changes will be included in a history and talk pages will be there to discuss issues at the right level.