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Help:What you need to know if you come from Wiktionary

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If you come from Wiktionary, there are several differences that should be taken into account when contributing from OmegaWiki.

Writing a definition[edit]

In OmegaWiki, all synonyms share the same definition. Therefore, you cannot define a "treatment" as "a cure" and a "cure" as "a treatment". Since cure and treatment are synonyms, the definition should describe these two terms without using any of them.

Language names[edit]


Guarani is a macrolanguage. Usually when no indication is given, the word can be attributed to the "Paraguayan Guaraní" language which is the most common variant of Guarani.


Kurdish is a macrolanguage. When a word in Wiktionary is identified as Kurdish, there are two possibilities:

  • the word uses the Latin alphabet, then it belongs to the Kurmandji dialect.
  • the word uses the Arabic alphabet, then it belongs to the Sorani dialect.


When you see

  • 現錢 (cmn), 现钱 (cmn) (xiànqián)

i.e. two words with the same pronunciation as a Mandarin translation, then the first word is "traditional Mandarin" and the second one is "simplified Mandarin".


A Norwegian word is Bokmal in OmegaWiki if no other indication is given. Bokmal is the main dialect. The other one is Nynorsk.


  • Papiamentu is the version spoken on Curaçao, called Curaçoleño / Curassese at OmegaWiki
    • it could also be Bonaire's Papiamentu (Boneriano), in which case it would be specified
  • Papiamento is the version spoken on Aruba, called Arubiano / Arubian Papiamento at OmegaWiki


Romani is a macrolanguage, but "Vlax Romani" is the most spoken variant. So a Romani word with no indication can be attributed to "Vlax Romani".


There are many variants of Quechua, and there does not seem to be an easy rule to know to which variant belongs each word.


Serbo-Croatian encompasses Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian which are considered as different languages in OmegaWiki. When a word is identified as "Serbo-Croatian", we cannot know if it applies to every variants, or to some of them. Words that are the same in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian should be entered three times in the three languages.


Uyghur is a macrolanguage. If the word uses the Arabic script and there are no other indication, it belongs most probably to the "Standard Xinjiang Uyghur" language.