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The Alerting system for new co-occurrences, new associations and new Wiki-edits is the core of the Community Annotation system we support with this Wiki.

Next to the regular facilities in any Wiki, where you can add a page to your watch list, we have created a more advanced alerting system.

It is well known that when a scientist working on a particular field subscribes to a classical alerting system, the number of alerts is either too high (on a few keywords) or too small (when an elaborate AND query is the basis for the alert). Therefore, we have adopted a much more intelligent alerting system When the Knowlet of a concept is stored on the Wiki Desktop the system will regularly check for new associations that may lead to actual new insights in the Knowlet space around that concept. We will continuously refine the system and it will grow from reporting significant edits in the Wiki, leading to new co-occurrences with the concept of interest and new co-occurrences in the newly indexed literature to associative changes in the Knowlet space per se that bring indirect associations above a certain threshold (to be published soon).

This alerting system will therefore allow busy scientists to keep constant track of their favorite genes, proteins, drugs and diseases for real paradigm shifts, rather than seeing each news article containing the terms thay are interested in.

By the same token, it this system ensures, that when an expert makes an edit in the Wiki that introduces a new correlation, all colleagues that have registered will be automatically notified of the annotation if they have the Knowlet of any of the concepts involved stored on their Wiki Desktop