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Welcome on the main page of the International Mother Language Day 2019 project page.

Just a note: I am overrun right now ... today as of 21 February 2019 Unesco Vietnam is co-operating on using less plastic. I will update this page asap during the coming days. Have to answer some mails etc. right now.

So what?[edit]

International Mother Language Day is dedicated to the protection of Mother Languages. The theme is always centered around education in mother languages, because many people world wide do not have this possibility. Our Planet, Mother Earth, desperately needs help, so yes, we will care about education in mother languages, the major ones, less resourced ones, indigenous languages in order to create awareness to one single aspect, because all at once is not possible. This year's single aspect is "use less plastic". It is something everyone can do, even on a small scale. And like I often say: one drop may not seem much, but many drops form a river, even more a sea and even more an ocean. So be a drop and participate.

How will we do that?[edit]

In cooperation with Plastik Sparen ( in English: use less plastic) we will create a number of slides with text and/or hashtags to be rolled out on International Mother Language Day. This project is a co-operation of OmegaWiki,, Ecotranslate and various facebook communities. The whole list will be added step by step.

The list of hashtags and short sentences below need translation in as many languages as possible. You can help by:

  1. Translating the hashtags and messages, even if you can do only part of them
  2. Sending out the messages and graphics via your social networks - for the graphics please see this page
  3. Creating connections to other people and invite them to help.

For further information, please use the discussion tab above or write me directly a

Texts to translate[edit]

Hashtags show up as numbers - I leave this as is, since it will be easier to copy/paste later. These messages serve to create images. It is clear enough that translations cannot always be direct. Use the sentences/hashtags that are best for your language. Please always write your translation inbetween the lines - see also our example with English/German.


    1. UseLessPlastic
    2. BeTheChange
    3. WeCanAllHelp
    4. quote
    5. MotherEarth
    6. ProtectNature
    7. ProtectLife


  • Use less plastic!
  • Use cloth bags for shopping!
  • Protect Mother Earth!
  • Did your grandparents use plastics?
  • Be the change you want to see in the world. (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • Forward this message!
  • Tell people around you!
  • Teach people to use less plastic!
  • We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. (from the Hopi Elders' Prophecy)
  • We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children. ("Chief Seattle" chief of the Duwamish)
  • And again: use less plastic!
  • Please share!
  • There is so much that needs to be done. Let's start here.

Languages available or being worked on[edit]

Albanian (not complete) - Alemannic - Arabic (one sentence missing) - Bengali (not complete) - Bosnian (not complete) - Castilian (not complete) - Chinese (not complete) - Croatian (not complete) - Danish (not complete) - Dutch (not complete) - Finnish (not complete) - French - Galician (not complete) - German - Greek (not complete) - Hungarian (not complete) - Italian - Kannada (being worked on) - Khowar (being worked on) - Main Franconian (not complete) - Malay (not complete) - Moldavian (not complete) - Montenegrin (not complete) - Norwegian (not complete) - Pashto (not complete) - Persian (Farsi) (not complete) - Polish (not complete) - Portuguese - Romanian (same status as Moldavian) - Russian (not complete) - Scottish Gaelic - Serbian (not complete) - Spanish - Swahili (not complete) - Swedish (not complete) - Turkish - Ukrainian (not complete) - Vietnamese (not complete) - Welsh (not complete)

People Helping[edit]

Since not all people who help with the translations, we will be working directly here on OmegaWiki, we will keep a list, or if someone does not want to be mentioned, we will simply add "Anonymous + what he/she helped with" - please see the history of this page (tab on the upper right hand side).

Social Media Texts[edit]

Below the social media texts and hastags you may use to distribute the "use less plastic"-images. Of course it would be great to have also this message translated. If you need help with compiling your message, please contact us at or use the Discussion tab on top of this page.

The message below still needs to be completed - nevertheless, you may create your own or help to improve this one

Use less plastic! - <add here the language sentence you need> Translations by <add link> Artwork under CC-BY ND by Luna Cretella <please retreive the desired image here - no need to add this link to your post]


    1. IMLD2019
    2. <language>
    3. uselessplastic
    4. plasticfree
    5. zerowaste
    6. language