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OmegaWiki Commission

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The OmegaWiki Commission does not exist anymore

Most of its members have left OmegaWiki for several years already.

This page is kept for historical reasons.


OmegaWiki initially was the project of two people: GerardM and SabineCretella. Then, when Kennisnet granted 5.000 EUR for its programming a third person was searched that could care about the technical part and create the engine, Wikidata, that is needed to implement the OmegaWiki database structure created by GerardM. Then, a few months ago, we finally reached a stage where it made sense to integrate further people into the project, since it was becoming a reality, The OmegaWiki Commission was founded and the first new members came along. Everyone of this Commission has certain tasks.


The members in alphabetical order:

  • Barend Mons: represents a future for OmegaWiki. OmegaWiki and Wikidata will provide some of the infra structure for wikis about Science. Barend is a scientist, he is active in the field of bio-semantics. By including him at an early stage, we recognise the impact scientists will have on OmegaWiki.
  • Dvortygirl: represents the English speaking world and is mainly involved community building and explaining what OmegaWiki is about.
  • Erik Möller: joined the project in its second phase and is the Architect of Wikidata, the engine needed to make OmegaWiki possible. OmegaWiki is only one of the many possible applications for Wikidata.
  • GerardM: is the Project Manager and architect of OmegaWiki who from the beginning cared about project management, organisations, funding. Having expertise in more than one field he groups several very different tasks in more than one project.
  • SabineCretella: is involved in the "how-to" questions for OmegaWiki. Being a professional translator she is very much interested in the usability of OmegaWiki in everyday work and connects translators and user groups from outside to the project.
  • Sannab: is from the big Scandinavian group of people that found OmegaWiki early on. Sanna knows her languages, she studied in China one of the Yi languages. Sanna proved to have a clear understanding of what we try to achieve and her suggestions have proven inspirational.


The OmegaWiki Commission at this stage is not open to other people for the simple fact that the project needs to get on its way. People are waiting for OmegaWiki to be there. Once we have that the Commission will grow step by step according to its necessities.