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An organisation defines itself by its people and by the people and organisations it works with. Open Progress is very much a child of its time and many of our initial instincts are the result of being part of the Wikimedia Foundation as well as finding a need for a separate organisation. It was fortunate that GerardM made the initial contact with Kennisnet for the WMF; it resulted among many other things in the initial funding for what was once Ultimate Wiktionary.

As a result of the nature of what became WiktionaryZ and is now OmegaWiki, the strategy to get content for the project can be much different from a Wikipedia project. Many organisations and people maintain large thesauri, word lists. These resources are valuable but very expensive to maintain. OmegaWiki provides an opportunity to collaborate on these resources. The initial data that we published demonstrated that we can have relational data in a Wiki environment. The GEMET thesaurus of EIONET demonstrated this particularly well.

What is a partner[edit]

A partner is an organisation that shares a mutual vision on the need for collaboration in OmegaWiki. It does is involved in our data and it shares with us the responsibility of ensuring the sustainability of our data.

Acknowledging our partners[edit]

As partners are essential to our success, we are happy to acknowledge our OmegaWiki and Wiki for Professionals partners. We provide the organisations we partner and collaborate with room for presenting themselves in the Partner namespace. We also acknowledge our partners by naming them on our Main Page and our WfP Main pages.