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Latin (Fraktur variant) sample
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Fraktur Script[edit]

Fraktur is a variant of the Latin script. It was developed in the late middle ages in the German Empire, and has ever since been used parallel to Antiqua, the more common Latin script. Its use declined considerably since the middle of the 20th century. While suited well for quality black print on white paper, Fraktur requires extreme high resolutions to look pretty on display screens. Typical Fraktur Glyphs in part deviate widely from their classic counterparts. Fraktur extends the standard script somehwhat, and introduces a host of typographical peculiarities.

Fraktur is slightly more informative than standard Latin stript. The sample image shows two different German words with identical spelling, so called homographs. Adding hyphenation to Wachstube yields, in the order depicted, either Wachs·tu·be (tube of wax, shoe polish, or leather care), or Wach·stu·be (guard-room). They are pronounced differently: [ˈvax ʃtǔːbə], and [ˈvaks tǔːbə], respectively.

Nevertheless, there is no point in making a distinction between the script varieties in OmegaWiki, so Fraktur here appears as a mere font choice of the Latin sript.

All languages using the Latin script can losslessly as well be written in Frakur.