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Runic Script[edit]

The Runic scripts developed in the 2nd century b.c. from the Old italic scripts and were used mainly to write the Germanic languages of the 2nd century after Christ and later. Over the centuries of christianization and roman colonization, their use gradually disappeared from South/East to North/West, and the historic Latin script replaced them. Remains of the Furhac, which is 'abc…' in Runic, are in the Western, Gaelic variant of the Latin script, other decends have been incorporated as special letters into the modern Latin script. They are used e.g. in Icelandic writing. Although Runes almost entirely ceased to be used for everyday writing at about 1200, special interest groups and small communities use them til today in several fields of their culture, e.g. in ceremonies.

Since transliterations exist for practically all alphabets of European and closely related scripts, languages using them can technically be written in Runic script.