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Repair with keycache[edit]

I'm moving this here for now in hope that this problem no longer occurs under InnoDB. If that assumption is wrong, then we'll also need to change the instructions, as myisamchk won't work on InnoDB tables.

Repair with keycache:

(commented out in source because no longer relevant)

Erik, that assumption appears to be correct. Importing still takes a long time, but it is hours now rather than days. However, you forgot to put in a "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wikidata_sets" near the end of the file, so I get an import error there... Nothing serious though. László 15:39, 3 October 2007 (EDT)

Table user_properties[edit]

As of Mediawiki 1.16, there is a new table, so one might need to create the table manually (apparently, it is not in the dump):

create table user_properties( up_user bigint not null, up_property varchar(255) not null, up_value blob );
It is now included in the file user.sql, with some other tables that are not in the dump. --Kip 15:32, 12 February 2011 (UTC)