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Mail by Jeffrey to the foundation-l:

Dearest Sabine,

All rights under the identified word listings are hereby released under the GFDL for use in machine translation and language preservation efforts of the WikiMedia Foundation and the Wikipedia Community. This release includes but is not limited to:

lexicons, word lists, thesaraus, rule sets for mahcine translation, grammar references, and any materials created or contributed which originate under the the terms of the GFDL.

This release DOES NOT apply to any proprietary language materials not released into the public domain which comprise lexicons, word lists, grammar references, thesaurus, or rule sets which are subject to separate confidentiality agreements and which have not been placed into the public domain by interested parties for any Native American Languages or Language Contributors who choose to keep their proprietary materials protected. This applies to those languages and groups who may have cultural basis for protecting their languages due to religious or other concerns.

Those lexicon and word lists identified by Sabine and uploaded to:

are hereby forever irrevocably released under the GFDL and OmegaWiki shall serve as the repository for not only these lists, but also the rule set and grammar parsing rule scripts for the Wikitrans program for any identified target languages.

Completed word lists will be used to perform Machine Translation runs against the English Wikipedia on a regular basis. Sabine is hereby appointed as coordinator on behalf of the Wolf Mountain Group to manage any and all Wikimedia and Wikipedia coordination efforts for this program on behalf of the Community and may request access to WMG servers and facilties for maintenance and coordination efforts.


Jeffrey Vernon Merkey Chairman Wolf Mountain Group, LLC

Well: after having divided the contents on more pages than the four mentioned above I noted that we will have quite a lot of work out of these lists. If you are interested to read some of my considerations please have a look at the OmegaWiki blog about machine translation and WZ. Thanks! --Sabine 10:00, 12 September 2006 (CEST)