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Template:Cases SDP-nom-gen-dat-acc-loc-ins

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  • nominative: {{{nominative singular}}}
  • genitive: {{{genitive singular}}}
  • dative: {{{dative singular}}}
  • accusative: {{{accusative singular}}}
  • locative: {{{locative singular}}}
  • instrumental: {{{instrumental singular}}}


  • nominative: {{{nominative dual}}}
  • genitive: {{{genitive dual}}}
  • dative: {{{dative dual}}}
  • accusative: {{{accusative dual}}}
  • locative: {{{locative dual}}}
  • instrumental: {{{instrumental dual}}}


  • nominative: {{{nominative plural}}}
  • genitive: {{{genitive plural}}}
  • dative: {{{dative plural}}}
  • accusative: {{{accusative plural}}}
  • locative: {{{locative plural}}}
  • instrumental: {{{instrumental plural}}}


This is a (temporary) template for languages which has three numbers (singular, dual and plural) and six cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, locative and instrumenal).

Languages which use this template[edit]

  • Slovenian


{{Cases SDP-nom-gen-dat-acc-ins-loc|
nominative singular=|
genitive singular=|
dative singular=|
accusative singular=|
locative singular=|
instrumental singular=|

nominative dual=|
genitive dual=|
dative dual=|
accusative dual=|
locative dual=|
instrumental dual=|

nominative plural=|
genitive plural=|
dative plural=|
accusative plural=|
locative plural=|
instrumental plural=|