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A remaining issue is what writing to use. Currently I've used the RPA-Latin, which is used in scholarly works, as well as the the English-language textbook of the language.

Unfortunately, nowadays, Okinawan isn't written much other than in scholarly works. However, when it is (usually nothing more than song lyrics), it's written with Hiragana usually so this message would look like "くぬちけーてぃむんややっさんぬうちなーぐちゆんたくやびん". Unfortunately, the fact that Kanji are used in writing Japanese has somewhat complicated how people write Okinawan. Which words you write in kanji, and what kanji you use to write them, are very ambiguous. So it could be くぬ使けーてぃ者や易っさんぬ沖縄口云んたくやびん, or くぬ使けーてぃ者や易っさんぬうちなー口ゆんたくやびん, or any number of other combinations. --Node ue 22:29, 19 March 2006 (CET)

Ahh, also, there is the classical style of writing, where you would write くぬつかいてむんややっさんぬうちなぐちゆんたくやびん or perhaps このつかいてものややっさんのうちなぐちゆんたくやびん. --Node ue 22:33, 19 March 2006 (CET)