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I have an interest in languages and linguistics, even though professionally my field is Systematic Botany, and I specialize in bryophytes. For more information check my web site at my University

Another interest is in history and cultures, in particular, of southern Italy and the Mediterranean area. For information on southern Italy check the southern Italian Independent site

Another interest is in Native American cultures, I took a class in Maya hieroglyphs, but that was some time ago while I was at Berkeley University, in California. I have spent many years in the United States, where I studied Biology. I speak US English and use it professionally. I visited many times Mexico, and visited also several Central American Countries, and Venezuela, where I learnt Latin American Spanish.

My work brought me recently to Albania, where I visited many times, and were I collected extensively (bryophytes, of course), and so I took the opportunity to learn a bit of that language too, which, by the way is the language of a part of my ancestry (who moved to to Kingdom of Naples in the 15th Century because of the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans, there are still several villages in southern Italy where they speak an ancient version of Albanian, called Arbëresh).