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Grecanic portal on OmegaWiki

Sicilian portal on OmegaWiki

Swadesh list for Greek languages

Swadesh list for Sicilian language and his variations

My projects for Griko[edit]

| Grika Milume!: web site on Grecìa Salentina, Italo-Greek community of Salento (Italy)

| Magna Graecia mailing-list: discussion list on Griko-speaking communities of Italy

On line dictionaries[edit]

| English to Italian, Spanish, French and vice versa

| Woodhouse's Vocabulary of Attic language by University of Chicago Library

| Greek-English translator: Mordern Greek to English and vice versa by

Grecanic and Romance languages of Salento and Calabria on Wikipedia[edit]

| Isola linguistica greca sulla wikipedia italiana

| Dialetto greco calabro sulla wikipedia italiana

| Dialetto salentino sulla wikipedia italiana

| Greek-Calabrian dialect on English wikipedia

| Griko language on English wikipedia