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Editablity on OmegaWiki

Status (after update 20/7)[edit]

  Definitions Translations DefinedMeaning Relations Expression
Add Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Change Yes.png Non.png N/A Non.png Non.png
Rename N/A N/A N/A Non.png Non.pngPage name
changes, but not at
the translation lists
Remove Yes.png Yes.png Non.png Yes.png N/A


According to me (HenkvD) the priorities for OmegaWiki should be


  1. Versioning: Yes.pngLogging, Yes.pnghistory and differences
  2. Edit Translations
    • Change
    • Yes.pngRemove
  3. Yes.pngEdit DefinedMeanings
    • Yes.pngAdd relations
    • Yes.pngAdd new DM's
  4. ...

Rendering a page[edit]

  1. Show one language at a time
  2. Yes.pngShow relations in current language
  3. Show all texts in current language
  4. ...