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User:Kipcool/Attributes dependent on other attributes

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list of attributes[edit]

  • part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, ...)
    • if noun
      • noun property (singulare tantum, plurale tantum, countable, uncountable, acronym, initialism) - not all languages ?
      • type of noun (proper noun, common noun) -- all languages
      • gender (masculine, feminine, neuter), depending on the languages
    • if verb
      • verb property
        • transitive / intransitive, for all languages ?
        • reflexive, for all languages ?
        • impersonal, for all languages ?
        • separable / inseparable - for German
    • if adjective
      • adjective property
        • steigerbar / unsteigerbar) for German (klug, kluger, am klugsten), for English (pretty, prettier, prettiest)
        • attributive / predicative - for all languages ?
    • if article
      • article property : definite, indefinite - for all languages ?
    • if pronoun
      • type of pronoun (personal pronoun, relative pronoun) - not all languages ?

hierarchical part of speeches according to Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Adjective
    Adjectival participle
  2. Adverb
  3. Article
  4. Preposition
  5. Classifier
  6. Interjection
  7. Noun
  8. Pronoun
    Personal pronouns
    Subjective pronouns
    Second person formal and informal pronouns
    Inclusive and exclusive "we" pronouns
    Intensive pronouns
    Objective pronouns
    Direct and indirect object pronouns.
    Reflexive pronouns
    Reciprocal pronouns
    Prepositional pronouns
    Disjunctive pronouns
    Dummy pronouns
    Weak pronouns
    Possessive pronouns
    Demonstrative pronouns
    Indefinite pronouns
    Distributive pronouns
    Negative pronouns
    Relative pronouns
    Indefinite relative pronouns
    Interrogative pronouns
  9. Verb


Any other attribute interesting?[edit]

  • if acronym
    • is acronym of would be a relation, but it is not possible at the moment because relations are linking to DMs and not to expressions