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What will be done next[edit]

  • preferred translation
  • parser {#definedmeaning:...}
  • relation bijectivity
  • inflexions

More ideas ordered by priority[edit]

Priority might change over time...

Easy custom downloading of data
Make a page where the user can easily download monolingual and bilingual dictionary.
Select: lang1, lang2, and what annotations should be added (part-of-speech, IPA, etc.)
Format: CSV at first
then if such a file already exists, propose the user to download it, or to request a more uptodate file
updating or creating a file would work by programming a job to be run later. Probably with Mediawiki Job queue
Have language "international" always enabled.
Collection browser
Use only number for DM pages, and use tipsy JQuery plugin to display a translation of the DM in the user language when the cursor is over a link to a DM page.
When click on "save", check that a language has been selected, when a text next to it (e.g. a definition, translation) has been entered.
could use
make the annotation panel load only when clicked.
should reduce drastically the weight of each page
With Java / ajax
Propose to automatically apply the part of speech to all translations when given to one.
Or create a script that propagates a part of speech from one word to its translations and synonyms
should not be too complicated
Or implement page "MassEdit" which would suggest annotations.
Rewrite the annotation system
i.e. a special page [Special:AnnotationManager] instead of editing [lexical item], or the class DM or the languages
Dependent annotation
add a field in the database that an annotation is dependent on another annotation, i.e. made available only if another annotation is already given. e.g. gender only for nouns.
requires probably rewriting the annotation system.
Backward relations
possibility to define the name of a relation in the other direction. For example the relation "A antonym of B", stored once in the DB, would also be used to display "B antonym of A". "A hypernym of B" would be used to display "B hyponym of A".
For that, we need an extra column in the table storing the types of relation, which specify, for a relation, the inverse of it.
requires rewriting the annotation system.
create undo button, implement rollback
needed to be a true wiki project
See User:Kipcool/rollback functionality
Display only one definition, with a combobox to select the language of the definition.
conjugations + inflexions
The problem is to specify what the different conjugations / inflexions are for different languages.
  • it is possible to make it editable by the users. However, I believe this can be problematic if it is edited too easily or too frequently. Thus it will be restricted to bureaucrats or to a subset called annotation_masters.
See User:Kipcool/Inflexions
Preferred translation
A way to indicate which translation should be displayed if only one is to be chosen.
Language selector for search
Suggestion of similar words after a search
(example sentence + which book + which author + date of publication)
a bit like the URL attribute, but with more fields.
MassEdit for anyone
To edit annotations quickly for several expressions.
ConfirmEdit does not work.??
Use ContentHandler
but wait that it gets a bit more documented...

For programmers who want to get familiar with the code[edit]

Some easy-to-program features that are needed.

Special Page for DMs needing a translated definition, i.e. we have the expression in a language, but not the definition.
Add sound
Easy = a bit like images.
Add some javascript which detects sound links and add a button to play the sound.
desactivate the "delete" button in the DM namespace, or make it work with a Wikidata page.
and automatically delete a page if it is empty.


  • SQL query to remove Expression pages created several times (just to reduce the size of the database)
  • SQL query to remove Expression pages that have no DM associated anymore
  • SQL query to remove DefinedMeaning pages that have no DM associated anymore

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