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Local modifications on the OmegaWiki server (from MediaWiki 1.18)

Search in the Expression: namespace (16)[edit]

To allow for default search (for MWSuggest) in the Expression namespace instead of always looking at the user preferences


protected function getJSVars() {
 global $wgUseAjax, $wgEnableMWSuggest, $wgContLang, $wgSearchNamespaces;
if ( $wgUseAjax && $wgEnableMWSuggest && !$this->getUser()->getOption( 'disablesuggest', false ) ) {
 if ( $wgSearchNamespaces ) {
  $vars['wgSearchNamespaces'] = $wgSearchNamespaces ;
 } else {
  $vars['wgSearchNamespaces'] = SearchEngine::userNamespaces( $this->getUser() );


$wgEnableMWSuggest = true ;
$wgSearchNamespaces[] = 16 ;

Statistics always from cache[edit]

The function isSane is looking for conditions whether the statistics from cache look ok or should be recalculated. For OmegaWiki, the condition $row->ss_total_edits < $row->ss_total_pages does not apply because of content imported directly in the database.


private static function isSane( $row ) {
 return true;

System messages[edit]

MediaWiki:pagetitle , $1 - OmegaWiki: Multilingual Dictionary