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eo-1 Ĉi tiu uzanto povas komuniki per baza nivelo de Esperanto.
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Leftmost Cat[edit]

If this has not been made explicit to you yet, I am a huge nerd. I have a great deal of interest in language and all of its aspects. I am a hobby open source programmer. It is thus logical to connect the two. I had a brilliant idea sometime around mid-October, 2006. I could write a dictionary that would allow words in many languages to be connected to their definitions and, through this, each other. This would eliminate the problem that many dictionaries have of possible ambiguity when a word with multiple meanings is simply attached to a foreign word. (A basic example being the English word "when", which can be both an interrogative and a conjunction and can be translated into other languages as two different words.) This was a fantastic idea and would revolutionize the way that dictionaries were thought of and used. And I would make it open source! Anyone could use it for free, with any language!

They say that if you have a great idea, someone's already thought of it.

When a project is open source and has proper implementation (or even the beginnings of proper implementation) there is no point in starting a new project to do the same thing. I see a great deal of potential in OmegaWiki and I am here to help realize that potential, contributing both as a normal editor and as a programmer behind the scenes. I feel that I have yet to truly make a mark on the future of the project, but it is my sincere hope that I will have the chance to do so.