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what should it do for the start[edit]

(things marked with (m2) are shifted to the next milestone)

  1. (working) create an account (optional)
  2. (working) set the target language you want to train (label "Questions")
  3. set language*s you can understand (at "Answers" more fields than one)
  4. (working) select collection you like to get words from (something like OLPC-basic vocabulary)
  5. start and see only definition in target language (and also expression if show expression turned on)
  6. (optional) switch to show expression or definition first, default might be definition
  7. think wheter you know it, klick to see more: unhide expression in target language (curently it already shows the expression before)
  8. if you like, klick to see even more e.g. expression and definition in the known language*s
  9. (already possible at steps before) , Display the "peek" Button at teh same level as the answer textfiled
    1. set repetition status of that card (values like "I know it", "repeat never anymore", "repeat" (m2), "repeat more" (m2) "repeat less" (m2))
    2. go to next card
  • usage example 2
    • (working) get directly linked to a selected collection: ?defaultCollection=376322
  • usage example 3
  1. klick a word with a special link to a defined-meaning in omegawiki (tagged by an author or a parser in some text , this ) and see a small window showing information from omegawiki (voc viewer mode). ?dmId rigth now perhaps ?expression (mk2)
  2. have a button like "remember this, repeat this"
  3. optional switch to trainer mode(only one mode atm)

how to realize[edit]

user properties user level

  • uid
  • login name
  • password
  • babel information (perhaps later), for social bookmarking
  • preferences data (perhaps later)

flachcard properties

  • user_uid
  • dm-id
  • trained-language
  • flashcard status (i know it | repeat never anymore| repeat less | repeat more ...)
  • note (perhaps later)
  • alternative definition ... (perhaps later)

known problems / check this[edit]

  • what if a definition or expression is not present in the choosen language (would be good not to return such definitions when choosing a random one by the api)
    • implement that at API level ?


  • works on it
  • first templates
  • Lookup-trainer 1.png

settings form[edit]

  • Lookup-trainer-settings 1.png

mokup screenshots[edit]

  • voc-viewer shot 1.png
  • voc-viewer shot 2.png
  • voc-viewer shot 3.png

Example [1]

How to use[edit]

  • How to embedd in pages
<script type="text/javascript">
function FensterOeffnen (Adresse) {
 MeinFenster =, "Zweitfenster", "width=300,height=400,left=100,top=200");
... <a    href="" onclick="FensterOeffnen(this.href); return false">[i]</a> ...