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Bot for the import of words in the Minnan language. It also contains words in Mandarin.

The list has been compiled by User:Hiong3.eng5

The bot is run by User:Kipcool.


Beginning the 16th of May 2013, the bot is run by User:Hiong3.eng5 using the OmegaWiki API.

Some technical data[edit]



  • adding concepts (dm) to collections
    • 131109 added `indicative` (dm:512130) to `OFWB - Online technical dictionary (Bamberg University)`. view.
  • Text Attribute pinyin to Mandarin concepts (defined meanings)
    • 131111: added 157 pinyins to Mandarin (Traditional)'s Synonym/Translation view
  • Added synonyms and translations from Taiwanese Toolbox Project and CEDICT
  • Option Attribute usage to Mandarin concepts
    • 131129: added 6 usage attribute to Mandarin's Synonym/Translation view

To Do[edit]