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yak,152,5433 як,152,5433 yak,152,6244 як,152,6244 yak,152,1528434 як,152,1528434 du,152,5425 ду,152,5425 du,152,6248 ду,152,6248 du,152,810008 ду,152,810008 se,152,5424 се,152,5424 se,152,6251 се,152,6251 se,152,156096 се,152,156096 chor,152,5447 чор,152,5447 chor,152,6253 чор,152,6253 chor,152,1371385 чор,152,1371385 panj,152,5448 панҷ,152,5448 panj,152,6255 панҷ,152,6255 panj,152,156104 панҷ,152,156104 shash,152,7003 шаш,152,7003 shash,152,810526 шаш,152,810526 shash,152,1529264 шаш,152,1529264 haft,152,7004 ҳафт,152,7004 haft,152,8027 ҳафт,152,8027 haft,152,1529509 ҳафт,152,1529509 hasht,152,7005 ҳашт,152,7005 hasht,152,8028 ҳашт,152,8028 hasht,152,1529512 ҳашт,152,1529512 nuh,152,6193 нӯҳ,152,6193 nuh,152,6208 нӯҳ,152,6208 nuh,152,8029 нӯҳ,152,8029 dah,152,6312 даҳ,152,6312 dah,152,1529515 даҳ,152,1529515