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This list of expressions grew over the years following Projects around International Mother Language Day. First it was built as a project under Vox Humanitatis for a dictionary project and used to create lessons for Parley (KDE-Education). Now some of us dediced to integrate data here. The project is now taken up again under a different organisation - Local Culture.

squirrel- ostrich- koala- cow- snake- rabbit- duck- horse- turtle- sheep- bear- rhino- wolf- hedgehog- giraffe- goat- fish- gull- skin- butterfly- dinosaur- frog- peacock- cat- deer- sparrow- swan- hyena- crow- parrot- elephant- seal- penguin- ant- mouse- tiger- bee- dolphin- hoopoe- goose- owl- cock- hen- feather- falcon- fox- coat- wing- mousehole- animal- monkey- bird- donkey- father- canine- dog- cattle- leather- camel- fowl- worms- scorpion- spider- gazelle- mosquitos- apple- orange- plum- apricot- tomato- lemon- banana- onion- pineapple- fruit- fig- aubergine- seed- potato- watermelon- garlic- nut- melon- vegetable- cucumber- salad- sugar melon- lentil- grape- radish- strawberry- bean- cauliflower- dress- shoe- shirt- bag- necklace- suit- trousers- stockings- jewel- cap- cotton- glove- coat- place- village- farm- way- house- bench- palace- library- school- embassy- playground- car- road- bank- antiquity- font- bus- building- university- tractor- fortress- ruin- town hall- shop- disco- supermarket- market- pharmacy- medical practice- hotel- dome- museum- station- bakery- port- center- traffic- hospital- theatre- refinery- airport- restaurant- tail- cafe- meeting point- transport- swimming pool- face- shoulder- fatigue- hand- thirst- mouth- nerve- blood- breast- bandage- arm- slap- nose- voice- neck- tooth- sleep- head- tears- cheek- weep- back- ear- eye- leg- body- diarrhoea- finger- human- influenza- stomach- urine- forehead- eyebrow- pill- shave- dream- ague- pelvis- faeces- chin- beard- penis- lung- knee- shank- hair- lip- headache- extremity- upper arm- organ- bone- mind- spine- vulva- jaw- figure- heart- cholera- tongue- disease- stomach- birth- hoone- desert- pit- sand- forest- night- earth- river- shore- sky- Egypt- Iraq- horizon- Germany- America- Spain- Australia- Israel- Iran- Italy- Babylon- Portugal- Great Britain- Belgium- country- Poland- Turkey- desertification- Tunisia- mountain- Algeria- island- stream- Khartoum- gulf- Denmark- Russia- Saudi Arabia- Sudan- Syria- Sweden- Switzerland- North- Somalia- world- Oman- Amman- dust- Persian- France- Finland- flood- continent- dune- Kuwait- Kenya- Lebanon- Libya- Hungary- district- Medina- Morocco- Mongolian- Mecca- area- Mongolia- Norway- Austria- India- Holland- oasis- wadi- location- Yemen- Greece- England- Kremlin- Moscow- city- sea- copper- wood- percent- throat- petrol- acceleration- sphere- circumference- movement- ceramic- line- circle- diesel- lead- zinc- maths- velocity- pressure- light- clay- phosphate- physics- moon- satellite- bomb- sulphur- alcohol- chemistry- sum- derivation- average- mineral- amount- minus- star- fuel- iodine- sheikh- king- sovereign- minister- folk- reform- emirate- empire- deployment- union- congregation- independence- socialist- socialism- national economy- election- victory- coup- decay- marine- Bedouin- protocol- thumb- toe- collective- association- expansion- revolution- republic- ay- border- civil war- war- party- prohibition- right- power- government- campaign- abroad- external- speach- caliphate- caliph- interior- constitution- defence- proof- state- democracy- capitalism- president- legate- zakat- sultanate- politics- dominion- shah- witness- police- popularity- class- capital- science- majority- ideology- law- tribe- consul- case- catastrophe- committee- finance- council- court- chancellor- sheikdom- opposition- combat- kingdom- discussion- emigrant- citizen- resource- budget- regime- trade union- attack- committee- ministry- medal- home- delegation- guardian- nationality- drill- net- spear- weapon- brick- plough- bell- lamp- umbrella- suitcase- binoculars- glue- TV set- broom- nutcracker- key- bottle- barrel- injection- knife- basket- fork- can opener- brush- cup- map- lighter- glass- bag- spoon- razor- glasses- recipe- receipt- stick- clock- furniture- frame- chair- table- picture- bed- cupboard- rack- chest- tent- provisions- tourist- aeroplane- visa- caravan- train- lap- sights- racket- hunt- rifle- bullet- player- game- championship- tennis- referee- bike- olympiad- sport- sportsmen- race- equestrian- discus- jump- basketball- volleyball- soccer- ball- competition- heat- wrestling- boxing- sports ground- medal- fan- palm- rose- cypress- trees- flower- dung- plant- date palm- boat- yacht- water- ship- wave- tanker- anchor- rock- stone- eggs- nectar- honey- food- beer- cheese- dinner- dessert- milk- rye- bread- vinegar- flour- medicament- corn- rice- oil- olives- butter- sugar- cigarette- tea- beverage- soup- meal- juice- mushrooms- pepper- wheat- coffee- cake- meat- almond- jam- cream- starter- salt- wine- vodka- book- class- pen- dissertation- test- levels- translation- explanation- exercise- page- ink- letter- study- class- lesson- doctorate- student- title- dictionary- word- notebook- faculty- philology- blackboard- synonym- lecturer- lecture- ruler- knowledge- institute- phrase- rubber- grammar- seminar- copy- text- painting- paper- shining- trained- heavy- high- weird- fast- stupid- thirsty- once- crazy- poisonous- dead- deadly- sure- loyal- injured- early- sunny- lousy- brilliant- insignificant- weak- merciful- long- hot- free- bullheaded- sad- lazy- apathetic- nearby- easy- new- vain- difficult- tiny- naked- wooden- fetid- heavy- correct- rich- arrogant- broken- beautiful- ugly- old- light- big- small- short- happy- famous- married- suitable- sweet- Asian- automatic- foreign- sometimes- mute- Jordanian- basic- blond- original- deaf- blind- far- German- American- European- ethnologic- Spanish- Islamic- African- feudal- human- positive- strategic- economic- unhappy- outstanding- outworn- exact- considerable- shiny- petrochemical- according to- cold- parliamentary- shrewd- slow- useless- plastics- average- constructive- dead- whole- tired- traditional- technical- cultural- bilateral- dry- fundamental- huge- hungry- good- geologic- hot- present- adroit- pregnant- Abyssinian- modern- careful- allowed- alive- vital- sincere- fertile- dangerous- arduous- warm- diplomatic- international- democratic- religious- golden- excellent- large- cheap- official- bright- Russian- Roman- rural- agricultural- poisonous- semitic- secret- peaceful- sane- thick- Syrian- Sumerian- touristy- political- spacious- clever- global- similar- different- brave- oriental- popular- hygienic- friendly- insitent- Chinese- narrow- flying- fresh- normal- public- Ottoman- Iraqi- Arab- military- accidental- ideologic- optimal- erudite- scientific- giant- deep- expensive- dominant- light- foul- unripe- French- effective- poor- Palestinian- Phoenician- explicit- rare- few- strong- comparative- precious- working- tasty- friendly- common- provisional- financial- skilled- blessed- remaining- low- rising- variable- widespread- appointed- ideal- diligent- unknown- honoured- probably- fixed- native- round- bitter- comfortable- ill- blooming- impossible- ready- joint- bad- much- active- clean- important- extensive- absolute- necessary- moderate- mineral- known- complicated- senseful- closed- open- lost- useful- acceptable- holy- providential- urgent- royal- equal- interesting- rainy- possible- boring- forbidden- flat- producing- victorious- regular- behaviour- desirable- dirty- analogical- objective- successful- Indian- national- desperate- Japanese- daily- aggressive- thin- to hunt- to get used to- to stand- to behold- to bear down- to rupture- to can- to sell- to find- to feel- to run out- to be forced to- to begin- to go- to look at- to enjoy- to concentrate- to take- to use- to wait- to fly- to circle- to proliferate- to fill up- to want- to upraise- to happen- to beat- to fall- to leak- to rob- to deposit- to collect- to control oneself- to catch- to hit- to flow- to knuckle down- to search- to get angry- to think- to climb- to go up- to think- to use- bit- to suffer- to lavish on- to look at- to scare- to see- to mix- to comprehend- to rescue- to shout- to hurry- to walk down- to betake- to push- to mistake- to teach- to forget- to bandage- to return- to live- to leave- to exit- to run- to chase away- to sit down- to know- to watch- to try- to fuss- to bawl- to scream- to do- to shake- to tremble- to say- to kill- to help- to laugh- to near- to leave- to pull- to can- to bite- to fetch- to hear- to fear- to be silent- to listen- to cut- to cause- to become- to love- to collaborate- to herd- to take- to spend- to refuse- to stay- to push- to move- set- to be tired- to thirst- to hunger- to mourn- to cry- to trouble- to play- to ask- to tell- to rise- to go- to demand- to despair- to buck- to speak to- to explain- to frighten- to snarl- to care- to turn- to suck- to make- to be busy- to wonder about- to earn- to turn to- to close- to sting- to jump- to last- to arrive- to lay down- to disappear- to swear- to regret- to bind- to bath- to undress- to swim- to steal- to get wet- to believe- to donate- to impart- to congress- to be satisfied- to fart- to be ashamed- to drown- to pretend- to bring- to build- to dispute- to pay- to own- to huff- to get- to come- to travel- to break- to write- to verify- to answer- to perform- to achieve- to burn- to lead- to notify- to return- to send- to show- to supervise- to add- to info- to renew- to admire- to give- to follow- to announce- to delight- to hold- to ensure- to eat- to cancel- to throw- to hope- to produce- to finish- to force- to recommend- to elucidate- to delegate- to support- to smile- to turn- to meet- to need- to respect- to keep- to occupy- to choose- to abandon- to disappear- to increase- to bloom- to rent- to exploit- to exclude- to carry- to derive- to rest- to last- to profit- to greet- to settle down- to continue- to import- to participate- to work- to be based on- to recommend- to share- to range- to be to do- to revive- to end- to consort- to retrieve- to hold- to piddle- to argue- to seem- to replace- to seed- to justify- to emerge- to expose- to amount- to be affected- to be made up of- to rival- to belong- to lithify- to get into- to be at a loss for- to graduate- to decay- to recall- to range between- to translate- to form- to behave- to demand- to undergo- to be linked up- to learn- to overcome- to change- to watch- to phone- to relish- to create- to await- to depend- to take over- to be allowed- to try for- to equip- to fit- to sit- to avoid- to order- to confine- to define- to free- to envy- to harvest- to realize- to save- tear- to ease- to prepare- to enter- to smoke- to study- to invite- to direct- to have pity with someone- to wish- to dance- to stagnate- to supply- to oil- to visit- to plant- to hoot- to control- to aid- to dwell- to deliver- to drink- to thank- to fast- to export- to pray- to lose- to develop- to treat- to express- to count- to offer- to reflect- to seep away- to raid- to sing- to win- to outperform- to open- to check- to deprave- to fail- to remain- to understand- to capable of- to resist- to rate- to read- to decide- to purpose- to be- to conceal- to hate- to unveil- to note- to dress-

to equal- to be used to- to expound- to laud- to pass- to jest- to be ill with- to elapse- to fill- to finance- to match- to discuss- to sleep- to bark- to result- to vocalize- to transport- to grow- to emigrate- to sink- to aim- to flee- to continue- to accede- to must- to see off- to prescribe- to promise- to sign- to cook- to buy- hunter- baker- bricklayer- judge- beggar- servant- writer- teacher- ambassador- traveller- nurse- accountant- engineer- carpenter- professor- emir- cashier- secretary- vendor- researcher- sailor- trader- concierge- waiter- hairdresser- expert- doctor- shepherd- housewife- driver- poet- journalist- pharmacist- cook- doctor- scientist- worker- slave- dean- farmer- historian- author- director- buyer- stewardess- deputy- nurse- job- publisher- lawyer- owner- price- journey- return- amount- cruelty- attitude- judgment- parents- rapscallion- roar- friend- mother- evening- story- visit- offence- thief- secondary wife- darling- claimant- donation- girl- boy- meeting- language- newspaper- lady- fee- hire- postage- literature- crisis- fundament- song- holidays- sick certificate- administration- bankruptcy- stay- festivity- renting- blank- orientalism- exploitation- greeting- import- opening- recommendation- economy- debt- woman- research- honesty- ticket- tip- insurance- qualification- help- trade- transfer- salute- reduction- heritage- education- enrolment- marketing- advice- export- authentication- cooperation- progress- report- organisation- recommendation- success- signing- wealth- award- Nobel prize- neighbour- brawl- audience- funeral cortege- passport- round trip- generation- event- bill- hospitality- festival- dialogue- news- service- rival- publisher- invitation- roll- earnings- passenger- mistress- letter- rate- bribe- column- prosperity- dance- record- novel- wedding- agriculture- fellow- secret- biography- ghost- cuss- buy- company- group- report- cheque- friendship- fight- industry- warranty- bail- guest- plea- lover- doter- enemy- member- relationship- work- currency- holiday- raid- theft- scandal- art- section- people- catalogue- lie- dialect- conference- property- spectator- compliment- society- magazine- parley- companion- bargaining- bank statement- play- source- expression- ambition- article- selection- function- blow- appointment- club- influence- money- joke- gift- engineering- hobby- promise- impertinence- adress- phone number- jubilee- if- so that- because- during- then- with- but- but- and- any- those- something- all- heat- drop- air- sun- cold- snow- wind- flood- weather- storm- summer heat- rain- climate- already- suddenly- everywhere- before- perhaps- ironically- truly- never- last- beside- immediately- very- after- rather- where- nothing- someday- left- right- now- down- too- always- surely- doubtless- circa- special- plus- former- negative- direct- yes- anger- instrument- effort- end- joy- poison- death- loyalty- thing- fear- word- danger- work- diligence- opening- cause- concern- menace- direction- view- oath- odour- person- burden- demand- break- disaster- origin- pain- security- import- contribution- spread- inclusion- preparation- information- chance- production- justice- expenses- reserve- height- satisfaction- improvement- use- question- stability- continuity- consumption- name- error- variety- productivity- wait- stagnation- descent- beginning- replacement- program- ware- slowness- rest- influence- shift- exchange- renewal- challenge- improvement- analysis- specialization- structure- creation- correction- qualification- repair- development- manifestation- amazement- arabicization- interaction- detail- split- approximation- evaluation- enhancement- extension- diversification- pressure- distribution- allocation- gain- part- choice- beauty- answer- essence- need- sense- presence- condition- sharpness- attention- freedom- sensitivity- civilisation- conservation- truth- solution- life- time- experience- fertility- dangerousness- accuracy- continuity- round- memory- calm- pity- permission- reaction- rejection- increase- symbol- corner- decision- breakup- peace- welfare- level- ferocity- condition- honour- doubt- thank- form- health- row- quality- authorisation- assembly- neighbourhood- damage- loss- character- energy- medicine- nature- incapability- offer- size- mentality- contrary- age- error- difference- inquiry- idea- rule- problem- sector- piece- top- value- principle- change- glory- complex- try- opposition- magnitude- virility- revision- rank- contribution- level- project- will- interest- speculation- content- meaning- annotation- exertion- opportunity- product- task- sequel- model- topic- characteristic- result- rarity- rate- equivalent- growth- method- class- aim- defeat- identity- existence- middle- ability- hurry- description- gravity- plenty- prevention- green- coloured- red- blue- yellow- black- white- brown- colour- please- on- since- until- in front- concerning- some- without- between- soon- for- behind- toilet- dorm- dining room- lobby- shed- barn- terrace- office- fridge- door- blanket- balcony- wall- garden- floor- stairs- window- flatlet- hall- room- lift- kitchen- connection- crack- soul- Sunnite- Islam- divinity- incense- mercy- omen- lustration- mosque- jihad- pilgrim- religion-

Sunna- ritual- prayer- abstinence- wonder- confession-

destiny- Quran- church- curse- god- minaret- proverb- muslim- christian- prophet- Christmas Tree- sister- brother- family- son- dad- husband- wife- child- bride- groom- family members- relative- descendants- daughter- telephone- computer- machine- gear- pipe- invention- battery- construction- control- technic- technology- radio- calculator- plan- irrigation- headphones- fax- movie- parameter- pump- air condition- machine- alarm- e-mail- week- thousand- yesterday- first- inch- day after tomorrow- date- calendar- second- secondary- thirty- third- pound- autumn- equator- degree Celsius- minute- dollar- dinar- quarter- spring- number- hour- year- winter- month- morning- summer- midday- century- epoch- decade- season- breakfast- kilo- jiffy- past- timeframe- plane- distance- future- half- day- today- weight- Euro- string instrument-