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Lists of glossaries and glossaries[edit]

These links sooner or later need to be integrated into the language portals

Other useful links for translators[edit]

Software for Kids[edit]

Pages on WMF-projects I often search[edit]

Software per traduttori[edit]

Mailing lists for translators[edit]

  • Biblit: discussion list in Italian for literature translators
  • Langit: discussion about translation related themes - language: Italian
  • Langit-2: discussion about all themes, also non translation related, main language Italian
  • Glossarplus: multilingual
  • Intramel: list for mainly young translators - literature - in Italian

Mailing lists about languages and connected subjects[edit]

Mailing lists hobbies[edit]

  • Caseinminiatura: discussion list about miniatures (doll's houses and creation of interior design for doll's houses) - in Italian
  • Patchwork leicht gemacht: discussion list about patchwork/quilting in German
  • Libri piccini: discussion list about miniature books - in Italian

Mailing lists Wikimedia projects[edit]

Other mailing lists[edit]

  • Developers


Lehrmaterial für Deutsch[edit]


User pages on other wikis[edit]