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General Wishlist[edit]

  • Grammatical gender Done Done
  • Inflections
    • Conjugation
    • Declension
    • Comparative
  • Etymology Done Done
  • Citations
  • Pronunciations
    • IPA Done Done
    • SAMPA
    • Audio files
  • Transliteration Done Done
  • Indication of stylistic level Done Done
  • Indication of transitive/intransitive Done Done
  • Syllabification Done Done
  • Old orthographies
  • Rhymes
  • Pictures Done Done
  • Collocations

See also[edit]



(sorted by importance)

  • Possibility to mark the most frequently used word if there are several synonyms in a DM. Right now, always the most recently added synonym is shown in the Relations. Maybe call it "best translation" and color-code it. Example: Expression:Adverb. "Nebenwort" is much less commonly used than "Adverb". Even worse: Expression:Vagina appears as Expression:Fotze (= vulgar synonym), see DefinedMeaning:Schwanz (5473).
  • Links within a definition. For example here it is not absolutely clear what is meant by "property". It could be a possession in general or real estate.
  • Searchable annotations. Example: Searching for しひとめ should take you to Expression:姑, because it's the Hiragana for 姑.
  • Special Page for definitions needing a translation.
  • Some kind of method to perform mass edits. Often necessary when we get new features or change things.
  • Automatically add the annotation "noun" if a grammatical gender is assigned to a word.
  • Link to the female form of a word, for example vampire --> vampiress.
  • (Regularly) Delete all orphaned expressions (i.e. expressions that are not linked to any DM)
  • Word class: Separate indication of general word class (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and subclass (proper noun, personal pronoun etc.)
  • Get rid of "identical meaning". It causes more problems than it offers solutions.
  • Get rid of incoming relations. Or at least show them differently.
  • Rename DefinedMeaning to Concept. Much clearer.
  • Show the definition when choosing a class. Done Done
  • Make search case sensitive. Done Done


  • Redesign of the user interface. More intuitive, improve the way information is shown. Very difficult, I know.
  • Semi-automatic import of translations from Wikipedia
  • Get rid of SwissProt und UMLS. Our community is way too small to deal with enormous databases like this. Nobody edits them. They're only copies anyway and available elsewhere.

See also[edit]