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Welcome to OmegaWiki[edit]

Welcome to OmegaWiki, the Ultimate Wiktionary, glad you could come. OmegaWiki is an exciting new experimental project (nothing like it has been done before) aiming to unite all words in all languages. Naturally, it has many problems and we don't really know what we're doing yet. Please bear with us.

Currently, editing is very limited and only in the hands of a few trusted and experienced individuals but if you want to help, you can add {{Attention|<problems with article>}} to the talk page of articles with errors in them. Also, take a peek at your local portal (Portal:xxx, where xxx is the three-digit ISO 639-3 code for your language).

Please read about the DefinedMeaning :-)

Once again, glad you could make it! If you have any queries or questions, try the International Beer Parlour or IRC channel. The kind people there would be glad to help. Siebrand 12:58, 20 August 2006 (CEST)

Hoi, I have given you edit rights.. Please read DefinedMeaning and, have fun !! Thanks, GerardM 20:21, 6 October 2006 (CEST)



Due to an unfortunate use on Ethnologue, the language spoken in "Veneto" (a region of Italy) and abroad has been classified as "Venetian" (i.e. relative to the city of Venice, "Wenecja") instead of "Venetan" (i.e. relative to "Veneto"). Can you please check if the translation into Polish of DefinedMeaning:Venetian (365386) (which is the DM relative to Venetan, despite of its name) is correct? Please check which is the correct translation of DefinedMeaning:Venetian (496758) (which is the DM related to the dialect of Venetan spoken in Venice) into Polish, too. Thank you in advance.

--Achillu 03:21, 13 April 2007 (EDT)