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User talk:Kipcool/common.js/wiktimport.js

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How to use[edit]

At the moment, only the English Wiktionary is supported.

to have it, put this in your common.js

importScript ('User:Kipcool/common.js/wiktimport.js');

To use, it is in the "tabs", in the dropdown on the arrow. It only appears when

  • you are editing
  • a dm page
  • and seeing all languages (no lang filtering)

It works with:

  • the English Wiktionary
  • the French Wiktionary

As input it needs wikicode, like

* Albanian: {{t-|sq|koha e tashme}}
* Arabic: {{t-|ar|مضارع|tr=muḍāriʿ|sc=Arab}}
* Belarusian: {{t-|be|цяперашні час|m|tr=cjapérašni čas|sc=Cyrl}}
* Ukrainian: {{t-|uk|теперішній час|m|tr=tepérišni čas|sc=Cyrl}}
* West Frisian: {{t+|fy|notiid}}

It inserts the words except when

  • the language code used in Wiktionary is not recognized (either I didn't add it, or we do not have a corresponding language). It will complain in the output that the code is not known.
    • e.g. for Mandarin, we have two language (simplified and traditional) where Wiktionary only has one.
  • there are already translations in that language. By default we trust our own translations more than those coming from other sources. If the translation is different from the ones present already, it'll say so in the output. Add it if you know the language and believe that this translation is also correct.

After the import, check that the added lines look ok, and click "save".