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I have given you rights to modify existing data.

Lidepla babels[edit]

Concerning the Babels for the Lidepla language, we are using the Babel extension from MediaWiki ( One possibility would be to ask them to add Lidepla, but I am not sure if they will accept (Lidepla does not have an iso 639-3 code which might be a problem for them). Having Lidepla added to MediaWiki would have the advantage that you could then also translate the interface.

The other possibility is to create the templates locally on OmegaWiki. I have made some tests: you can create templates like Template:babel-lidepla-1, Template:babel-lidepla-2, etc. (they should preferably be written in Lidepla), and then in your babel include ...|lidepla-1|... If you find the name "lidepla" too long, you can shorten it to whatever you think is ok, as long as you avoid 2-letters and 3-letters codes, since it might overlap with an existing language (e.g. "lid" and "ldp" are both iso 639-3 code for existing languages). --Kip 10:33, 27 February 2012 (CET)