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Explanations of the definitions[edit]


To produce traces or marks with a solid colour on a hard surface or with a solid object on softer surface.

  • traces or marks: The idea is that the result does not have to be a picture or a drawing, but also arbitrary traces can be drawn.
  • solid colour: In contrast to liquid colors like oil colours for which the verb to paint is used. This would exclude Indian ink though, so maybe it's not good enough a definition for the range of instruments included: pen, pencil, crayon, chalk, Indian ink, etc.
  • hard surface: In contrast to surfaces like sand on which one can't draw with a pencil, for example.
  • with a solid object on softer surface: For example with a stick on sand which is softer than the stick, thus leaving a trace. Unfortunately this does not really cover drawing with a finger in air or on skin.