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Help:outofsync template

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The outofsync template indicates that some definitions in some languages are outdated and should be updated (by translating a definition that has already been updated).

It happens usually when someone improves the definition in a language, but cannot correct all the definitions in other languages.

To use it,

  • edit the talk page of the DefinedMeaning
  • add a small explanation (like "improved the definition in English")
  • and use the templates
* {{outofsync|deu}}
* {{outofsync|spa}}
* {{outofsync|grc}}
* {{outofsync|fra}}

It will put the page in a category, such as Category:Out_of_sync/fra, where a user speaking French can then find the definitions that need to be updated.

When a definition has been updated, the outofsync template should be removed from the talk page.

3-letter code[edit]

The 3-letters code is the OmegaWiki code - usually corresponding to ISO639-3 - and can be found in the corresponding entry in OmegaWiki, e.g. in Expression:English, in the definition corresponding to the language, section "collection", "ISO 639-3 code: eng".