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User:MartinMai/vocabulary viewer specs

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perhaps silly but necessary milestone component for

examples / mokups[edit]

  • create contents from string input (example see here)
    • chunk settings
      • $voc_viewer[title] title string
      • $voc_viewer[footer] text with link / html
      • $voc_viewer[audios][N][url_ogg] url audio for background playing (mp3 or ogg)
      • $voc_viewer[audios][N][url_mp3] url audio for background playing (mp3 or ogg)
      • $voc_viewer[audios][N][desc] text with link / html
      • $voc_viewer[items][N][word_string]
      • $voc_viewer[items][N][pronounciation] (url audio pronounciation file (mp3 or ogg)
      • $voc_viewer[items][N][] lookup URL (to be anchored on a separate icon or element)
      • $voc_viewer[items][N][watchlist_url] (to be anchored on a separate icon or element)
      • $voc_viewer[items][N][solution_url] (to be anchored on a separate icon or element)

created item appearance / funtionality / what should it do...[edit]

    • dynamic generation of items in LAMP environment
    • have 1 or 4 different colored word-items on each page
    • OK play word recording when clicking on a word
    • OK should look like a mini book or filecard somehow nice
      • perhaps page flipping effect or so
      • ? sometimes blinking, flashing
      • to be realised with Javascript / DHTML... W3C compliant
    • link from each item / string to OmegaWiki page
    • switch on / off background music playing
  • if possible flash only for audio playing / control, not for the display (flash considered not free, option to replace flash parts later with e.g. java, javasript when running in open content community projects)

additional things / later[edit]

  • flipping of each card to show e.G. Definition of the word on the other side
  • textfield on the card for creating custom cards or even creating WZ entries