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in print, will upload pdf ...

  • some screenshots to be included - here only the text for collaborative editing
  • perhaps A4 paper format (easy to print...)

Wikimedia stuff[edit]

Producing a free, multilingual resource in every language, with lexicological, terminological and thesaurus information that might be useful for

  • looking up words...
  • learning languages...
  • improoving spellcheckers...
  • and to provide and bring together content for every use in context with linguistic research and language technology

Screenshot start page


Screenshot entry detail page

  • All Wiktionaries would be in ONE database
  • Changes made for one language will be reflected in other languages
  • Extending features of mediawiki for use with structured data (wikidata) and for dictionary specific use
    • e.g. the language of the User Interface is selectable in the preferences
    • the languages that a person wants to see the translations for are selectable
  • tools for administration, editing and labeling of linguistic categories in a language independent way

current status of[edit]

  • Testrun for the basic functionality. Restricted editability
  • Dual-licensing model of Creative Commons Attribution and GFDL for the contents currently at
  • Work on the Multilingual MediaWiki to be able to provide user interfaces in as many languages as possible

for further information and contact...[edit]

Mitarbeit herzlich wilkommen ;-) ...