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ɗeka,118,5433 ɗeka,118,6244 ɗeka,118,1528434 eve,118,5425 eve,118,6248 eve,118,810008 etɔn,118,5424 etɔn,118,6251 etɔn,118,156096 ene,118,5447 ene,118,6253 ene,118,1371385 aton,118,5448 aton,118,6255 aton,118,156104 ade,118,7003 ade,118,810526 ade,118,1529264 adre,118,7004 adre,118,8027 adre,118,1529509 enyi,118,7005 enyi,118,8028 enyi,118,1529512 enyiɗe,118,6193 enyiɗe,118,6208 enyiɗe,118,8029 ewo,118,6312 ewo,118,1529515 ndi,118,7637 mɔni,118,7637 ŋdɔ,118,7638 hedenyuie,118,5582 hedenyuie,118,456285 akpe,118,5587 medekuku,118,5585 ẽ,118,5567 ao,118,5568 o,118,5568 fofo,118,5464 tɔ,118,5464 da,118,5463 da,118,1373977 ŋutsu,118,6397 nyɔnu,118,4165 ame,118,333730 ame,118,2234 ɗevi,118,568 ɗevi,118,7413