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Babel user information
pt-N Este utilizador tem como língua materna o português.
en-4 This user has near native speaker knowledge of English.
fr-2 Cet utilisateur dispose d’un niveau intermédiaire de connaissance en français.
es-2 Este usuario tiene un conocimiento intermedio del español.
Users by language
- Name: Waltter Manoel da Silva

- Birthday = 1952.04.22, in Itaberaí - State of Goiás, Brazil;

- Capitals I have lived in, abroad: Washington, D.C. (United States: 10 years), Peking (China), Manila (Filipinas), Helsinki (Finlândia) e Abu Dhabi ( Emirados Árabes Unidos: United Arab Emirates).

- Languages, besides Portuguese (a native speaker) : 1) English, fluency in speaking and writing = at a near native level: Eng-4; 2) French (Français); 3) Spanish (Español);

- Portuguese-grammar teacher for Brazilians, even though not professionally;

- English-grammar teacher as a foreign language, even though not professionally;

- Occasional English-Portuguese or Portuguese-English translator.

                        Contributions at Wikimedia Foundation  
* Wiktionary (Portuguese) , since 2005-01-04: [1]
* Wiktionary (English) , since 2005-12-27; [2] (NOTE: Contributions before this date through an IP [internet protocol]);
* Wikimedia Commons, since 2005.10.24;
* Wikipedia (Portuguese) , since 2005-12-27; [3]
* OmegaWiki Multilingual Dictionary (Omegawiki Project) (English) , since 2007-06-28.

                         Objectives in OmegaWiki
1. To create and expand entries in this multilingual dictionary, mainly in the following languages: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish – in the items “DefinedMeaning (sense definition): in Portuguese and English”; “synonyms”, “phraseology (example sentences)” etc: in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish;
Notice that I have a list of around 100.000 bilingual English-Portuguese sentences I have been compiling in the past 28 years (since 1979) – most of them written in the period March1979 / August 1968 – when I lived in Washington,D.C. I started gradually publishing this list at the pt-Wiktionary (Portuguese-language dictionary of the Wiktionary Project), at the “English-Portuguese Phraseological Dictionary – IPDF” [4], a bilingual English-Portuguese dictionary whose entries (phraseology included) I intend to share with OmegaWiki as well. I have also a list of hundreds of French-Portuguese and Spanish-Portuguese sentences, also compiled by me since 1974;
2. To suggest corrections of eventual circumlocutional translations in the said four languages;
3. To suggest ideas in the development of the structure of OmegaWiki, in such a way as to make it more and more useful to students of foreign languages, and consequently to help increasing its efficiency in didactical terms. By doing so, I will be sharing my experience of occasional English and Portuguese grammars teacher for Brazilians, as well as an English-Portuguese-English occasional translator, both activities since 1968;
4. To enthusiastically join Wikimedia Foundation in another altruistic project, OMEGAWIKI, aiming at providing the whole world, as usual, with a free access to knowledge. My motivation is that such efforts help improving digital-inclusion [5] projects all over the world, by adding suitable information on the internet, and thus result in the improvement of life quality.

               Statistics of my edits at the OmegaWiki project 
First edit: Jul 3rd 2007.
WD-CAL = Working days by calendar year;
WD-REAL = Real working days for my edits in a given year;
ADEF = Creation of entry through alternative definition;
EXSEN = Exemple sentences added;
DM = DefinedMeaning: Creation of entry through defined meaning, that is, by adding its headword definition in the Portuguese language; (NOTE: I create each entry in Portuguese and immediately I translate it into English);
IM / AM = Creation of entry by identical meaning (IM) or approximate meaning (AM), that is, a word or sentence which is a translation of the entry headword (for IM) or a word or sentence which is a synonym of a headword (for AM);
TRANS DEF = Translation of definitions of English entry headwords; (Such translations are done by me in the following directions: Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese or Italian-English);
EDITS = Total edits in a given year;
EDITS PD-CAL = Average of edits per day in a calendar year;
EDITS PD-REAL = Average of edits per day in real working days.

YEAR:2007 / WD-CAL: 125 / WD-REAL: 26 / ADEF: 2 / EXSEN:? / DM: 44 / IM/AM: 528 / TRANS DEF:140 / EDITS: 718 / EDITS PD-CAL: 5,744 or 5 ½ / EDITS PD-REAL: 27,615 or 27 ½