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bamberg project 2008

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currently work on a proposal for the European Social Fund (via bavarian regional programm

Distributed terminology framework / grid with Mediawiki[edit]

The general scope is to implement grids based on MediaWiki that enable knowledge transfer in a collaborative and authoritative way. As example in the project:

Provide and establish a framework for distributed collaborative management and creation of terminological resources for use in (vocational) training with focus on secondary language acquisition.

  • Implement a technical framework where institutions can maintain, share and distribute ressources
  • Add functionality to mediawiki that allows modelling of institution-specific distributed and authoritative views
  • Add sematic technology


  • collect and create terminological content
  • Implementation of relevant functionality for management and use of terminological content
    • for users and learners in multilinugal situations
    • for institutions providing terminological information
  • distributed
  • GPL / GFDL and CC-by for all results of the funded project


  • associate term occurrences in webpages to wiki items (e.g word to definition / translation)
    • do that on existing webcontent
    • offer disambiguation for homograph forms
    • provide a add expression toolbar
    • support for creating resources
    • browsing and indicating missing terms
  • link back from wiki-items to publicly annotated occurrences
    • link back to restricted occurences that are available to a special user context
    • link back to similar occurences (same url prefix for example)
  • check approaches for machine support on the tasks above
  • support mobile devices and olpc -Machines (including merging from offline edits on olpc-machines)
  • attach media to expressions (pronunciations, images, ?sign language)


to be completed...

  • OLPC 1000+ Basic vocabulary (to be completed and expanded )
  • ask existing and sprachchancen projects what they have a need for
  • voc for the Europeans language framework
  • terminology from industry-associations
  • GEMET (What is in (languages...))

partners, cooperation..[edit]

  • Uni Bamberg
    • langlab
    • chair Media Informatics
  • we will ask other universities and departments
  • feel free to contact if you are interested User:MartinMai

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