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things to develop for destinazione-italia

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(of course not only for destinazione-italia)

to show vocabulary tooltips[edit]

(This is included in the funding, if we have it already... we can use the funding for translation etc see [1])

  • functionality to retrieve data (e.g expressions in a special language) from OW by definedmeaning-id
    • API for querying Omegawiki data as Web-Service
      • indicate what should be returned (languages, fields)
      • Select expression and definition
        • by collection
        • by definedmeaning-id
        • by having a definition in a given language
        • by revision by a list of editor IDs -
          • Permalink
        • indicate wheter a defined lists of editors is included in the edit user (to be able to show a comment that it might be not approved / should be checkend)
        • by expression string (optionnal)
        • return a number of records with a LIMIT option (e.g. to retrieve examples of OLPC for exercises to b compiled)
    • procedure (/GUI?) to add definedmeaning-id to texts [2]

misc /later[edit]

  • have a random expression from the "Already present"-list from a special Collection [3]
  • filter to select / mark revisions in special languages by special user accounts
  • data source for User:MartinMai/vocabulary_viewer_specs


Retrieving Details in small window[edit]

for Portal:Facilitated_reading, Examaple external Text see [4]

  • [5]
  • [6]
  • if the fields were labeled it would be even easier with that RegEx or at least more stable, one problem is that it is retrieved via a gateway so it can not use the users language prefs at OW directly but it could read a extra cookie for example to be used as retrieve.php?def_lang=&expr_lang=